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Help & FAQs

Help & FAQs

Q. How much does a Single Custom Bobblehead Cost?

The cost of a Single Custom Bobblehead depends on the difficulty of the design and the body you choose. The average price is Rs. 8000 - Rs. 10,000 (USD $125 - $ 155). This includes everything from the body to the clothing to the custom face to delivery, created as per your requirements.

Q. Can I Return/Refund my Custom Bobbleheads?

If you have purchased a custom bobblehead we do not offer refunds or returns. For complete Custom Bobbleheads, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee at each stage of the development process. Refunds are rare as the product is completely customized to your requirements and as per your instructions. That being said, if you do purchase a custom Bobblehead and cancel the order within 24 hours we will offer you a full refund.

If you have purchased a ready bobblehead from our shop, and you are not satisfied with your product, you can fill out our Returns Form and we will review your case in 3 working days. For Bobbleheads purchased directly from the Bobblehead shop (without any customization), we will be happy to offer you a refund in 3 working days from the date of return of the said product. 

Q. Can you create any type of Bobblehead?

Yes :). Our trained artists have the skills to create any type of bobbleheads. Their years of experience in creating bobbleheads have led to one of our company's motto - imagine your bobblehead, we will create it. 

Q. How tall are the Custom Bobbleheads?

The average height of the custom bobbleheads are between 5 and 7 inches. We can make them bigger if you would like but the cost will be higher. If your looking for a custom bobblehead bigger than the average size please contact us

Q. I only want to make a Single Custom Bobblehead, is this possible?

Yes, of course. We have no minimum order quantity for the custom bobbleheads. You can order a single piece or many if you like. You can begin to design your custom bobblehead by starting from scratch or choosing a pre-made body.

Q. I would like to add some special instructions to my bobblehead. Is this possible?

Yes, ofcourse you can add some special instructions to your order. All you have to do if provide your information in the 'special instructions' box at the bottom of your customization selection in the product page. In fact, we welcome some special instructions as it helps us deliver the best product HEADKNOCKIN possibly can to you. 

Q. What about shipping and delivery of the bobbleheads?

We want to provide you with the best information on this topic so we created a completely new page for it. Please visit our bobblehead shipping & delivery page for more information. 

Q. What are Custom Bobblehead made of?

At HEADKNOCKIN, most bobbleheads are created from polyresin. Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for statues, figurines, and decorative furniture. It is a sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture. Each bobblehead is hand-sculpted and hand painted by one of our trained artisans.

Q. What Photographs should I send for a custom bobblehead?
Generally, we need one or two clear photographs of the person or people for whom the bobblehead is being made. 

The result of the bobblehead depends on the quality of the photograph. As a result, we always recommend that the photograph should be front facing with both the ears shown on each side. For example, a passport photo would be perfect!  A side photograph with similar expressions as the front pose will help us to get the bobblehead even more accurate. 

We accept all types of photograph formats from .jpg, .tif, .png and even .psd. 

Please note: For complete custom bobbleheads i.e. head to toe please send us a full body image or images and a close of up of the face or faces.